LEIA Off-grid Appliances Business Models Research Project

Request for proposals for the Low Energy Inclusive Appliance (LEIA) Off-Grid Appliances Business Models Research Project is now closed.

The Off-Grid Appliances Business Models Research Project has been commissioned by the Low Energy Inclusive Appliance (LEIA) programme with funding from UK aid and IKEA Foundation. The UK aid funded LEIA programme aims to accelerate the availability, affordability, efficiency and performance of a range of low energy inclusive appliances. The LEIA programme is part of the Efficiency for Access Coalition which aims to accelerate global energy access through energy-efficient appliances and is jointly managed by Energy Saving Trust and CLASP.

Within the LEIA programme, there is a research mandate that includes consumer, market, impacts, and technical research activities. The off-grid energy sector, particularly the plug and play solar home system kits sector, has seen various innovations in technology, access to finance, and manufacturer or distribution company business models over the past years, and these have been extensively covered in published literature. A key example being the prominence of the Pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) model that allows households to pay for the costs of solar energy systems through regular, affordable instalments via a remote locking mechanism to help enforce payments. However, for off-grid appliances, there has not been enough published about business strategies to inform organizations involved in the sale of these appliances. The Energy Saving Trust therefore proposes to launch this research with the objective of bridging this literature gap by investigating and publishing ‘shareable’ innovative strategies in appliance led organizations (with their consent) that can help make end products more affordable and/or affect the appliance organizations’ bottom lines profitably.

Further details of the Project can be found at the Efficiency for Access website here.

Questions relating to this call and Project should be directed to Richa Goyal at richa.goyal@est.org.uk and Andrew Tod at andrew.tod@est.org.uk.