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This 4 page brochure provides an overview of the aims, approaches and work plan of the MECS programme. The brochure may be viewed and/or downloaded using the link below:

The foundations of the MECS programme

In 2013, Gamos Ltd released an early concept paper on eCook. The concept note can be found here.

In 2015, initial technical, economic and behavioural feasibility studies on eCook were commissioned by DfID (UK Aid) through the CEIL-PEAKS Evidence on Demand service. The partners involved were Gamos Ltd.Loughborough University and the University of Surrey. The final reports can be found here.

Under the Low cost energy-efficient products for the bottom of the pyramid project led by the University of Sussex, conceptual development, stakeholder engagement and prototyping took place in Kenya and Bangladesh. The partners involved were Gamos Ltd.ACTS (Kenya)ITT and UIU (Bangladesh). The project formed part of the USES programme funded by DfID (UK Aid)EPSRC and DECC (now part of BEIS). Several outputs from the project can be found here.

A series of global and local market assessments were completed in Myanmar, Zambia and Tanzania under the “eCook – a transformational household solar battery-electric cooker for poverty alleviation” project. Project partners were Loughborough UniversityUniversity of SurreyGamos Ltd.REAM (Myanmar)CEEEZ (Zambia) & TaTEDO (Tanzania). The project was funded by DfID (UK Aid) and Gamos Ltd. through Innovate UK’s Energy Catalyst Round 4. Key preliminary results can be found here.