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e-Boiling as a service by Elegant Kitchen in Kisumu

18th June 2024
Electric Cooking

By Carren Atieno Misigo


I’m Carren Atieno Misigo, the proud founder of Elegant Kitchen. Elegant Kitchen is a Kisumu based venture founded on 1st June 2023. The business is situated in Nyalenda, Kisumu, the second largest slum in the city, comprising of approximately 9000 households.

Born in Kisumu, Elegant Kitchen is my brainchild, a sole proprietorship specializing in offering modern food boiling services using electric pressure cookers. Our focus spans a diverse range of foods, including beans, green grams, lentils, githeri, matumbo (tripe), tubers, meaty dishes, and traditional local vegetables. All this comes at an affordable service charge of KSH 35 per kilogram of food. Our unique model allows clients to bring their food for boiling or place an order through a simple phone call or text, where we facilitate the purchase of the required food and deliver it pre-cooked to our clients.


In the wise words of Bill Gates, “Technology is like magic that quietly becomes a part of our everyday life.” I embarked on the journey of Elegant Kitchen after successfully completing a six-month study conducted by Kijani Testing Limited. This study aimed at exploring the possibility of achieving 100% cooking using electricity. The desire to serve my community while making a positive impact led me to start this business. Despite the initial skepticism about the relatively new technology, I was determined to learn and explore its vast potential.

Image 1: Customer paying for the e-Boiling service. Image Credit: Carren Atieno, 2024.

Living in the peri-urban area of Kisumu (Nyalenda), I observed the economic challenges faced by families, particularly school-going children missing main meals due to the escalating cost of fuel. The reliance on charcoal, coupled with the high fuel consumption of traditional cooking methods, prompted me to introduce Elegant Kitchen. I began marketing through word of mouth, overcoming initial doubts about the Electric Pressure Cooker’s speed. Within a week, clients, especially women, students, and local eateries, started showing interest.

Gradually, I expanded my reach by advertising on Facebook groups, receiving up to 250 orders monthly. In the process, I diversified into selling grains and created job opportunities for two individuals, one assisting in the kitchen and another as a delivery rider.


The ripple effect of Elegant Kitchen’s journey has brought about transformative changes within our community. Families, once burdened by concerns about meal accessibility and fuel expenses, have found a reliable solution in our services. Mothers and children now radiate joy, assured that hunger is no longer a limiting factor, and they can enjoy nourishing meals with ease.

Students, facing uncertainties about their daily sustenance, have gained confidence in carrying cereals from home, knowing that our affordable boiling services provide a convenient solution. The worry of running out of fuel is replaced by the assurance that their meals will be prepared efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our engagement with the community has not only dispelled initial doubts about the new technology but has also become a source of inspiration for others. Elegant Kitchen’s impact extends beyond providing a service; it has ignited conversations, addressed safety concerns and fostered a deeper understanding of the technology.

Furthermore, by diversifying into grain sales and creating job opportunities for two individuals, we’ve contributed to the local economy and provided a source of livelihood for members of our community. Elegant Kitchen’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of embracing innovation and meeting the needs of the community with dedication and a touch of technological magic.

Moreover, Elegant Kitchen is aligned with several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), further underlining our commitment to holistic community development. Our services directly address SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) by ensuring food accessibility and affordability for all. By incorporating electric pressure cookers into our model, we contribute to SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) and SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) by promoting efficient energy use and reducing environmental impact.

Featured Image: Carren Atieno Misigo, 2024. Image Credit: Carren Atieno Misigo.