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Carbon Financing for Clean Cooking Projects 

Image credit: Centre for Research in Energy and Energy Conservation (CREEC), 2022.

MECS has developed this website in order to provide a range of practical information on carbon finance to help project developers of clean cooking projects and other stakeholders. The website provides links to other websites that are most relevant on particular subjects of interest to developers as well as containing a number of reports and memos developed by MECS itself. 

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This section introduces climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, emissions reduction and removal, carbon credits and offsets, and the compliance and voluntary carbon markets.   

The section provides an overview of the carbon crediting standards and mechanisms.  

This section presents information on the process of developing a clean cooking carbon project.  

This section summarises information on the methodologies, tools and tests that can be used to develop carbon projects.  

This section provides information about the methodologies and guidelines for verifying Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) impacts. 

This section discusses the transaction partners and structures in the trade of carbon credits.  

This section contains carbon financing and clean cooking related reports and documents published with support from various consultants and partners. It includes a series of reports produced by Climate Focus covering different aspects of the Voluntary Carbon Market.