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Kenya National Clean Cooking Strategy (KNCCS)


Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS) is leading a coordinated response to deliver a new National Clean Cooking Strategy (KNCCS) for Kenya in response to the Kenyan Government’s request.

EED Advisory are the lead contractor working with MECS, and led by the Ministry of Energy & Petroleum (MoEP), to develop and coordinate the strategy.

The Strategy will bring together the collaborative efforts of  a consortium of development partners, including United Kingdom Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions (UK PACT)Agence Française de Développement (AFD)GIZ Energising Development (EnDev) Programme and Climate Compatible Growth (CCG)

The objective of thisstrategy is to lay out the pathways that will enable the achievement of the MoEP’s ambitious goal of “Universal Access to Clean Cooking by 2028” and contribute to the NDC (Nationally Determined Contributions) target to abate the emission of 2.8 MtCO2eq in 2030.

Mr Murefu Barasa, Managing Partner, EED Advisory taking participants through the envisioned process of developing the KNCCS. Photo by Jon Leary


The specific objectives of the KNCCS are:

  • To establish the baseline of Kenya’s clean cooking sector, including the identification of the key barriers and drivers that are likely to affect further uptake of clean cooking solutions.
  • To assess gender dimensions in Kenya’s clean cooking sector and make appropriate recommendations to facilitate gender mainstreaming in programme design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting.
  • To determine the most appropriate cooking energy mix to meet the 2028 goal of universal access to clean cooking.
  • To develop a roadmap for achieving universal access to clean cooking by 2028 by identifying strategic interventions, setting timelines, estimating the cost, and deriving indicators for monitoring and evaluating its implementation.

In order to build the evidence base and develop the market for clean cooking fuels and technologies, the consortium is currently supporting a portfolio of studies, strategies and programmes that will feed directly into the KNCCS.

Overview of the KNCCS Process


The KNCCS process is overseen by a coordination committee comprised of representatives from different Ministries, national institutions, sectoral associations, and development partners. The coordination committee is co-chaired by the MoEP and MECS.

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