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Past Funds

LEAP-RE (Long-Term Joint European Union – African Union Research and Innovation Partnership on Renewable Energy)

MECS is a funding partner in LEAP-RE, an African-EU funding programme aimed at addressing the issues relating to the uptake of sustainable and clean sources of energy.

Low Energy Inclusive Appliances (LEIA)

In November 2018, the Efficiency for Access (EForA) Coalition launched a new grant fund worth £1.05 million for research and development (R&D) projects on highly efficient appliances which can reach populations in developing countries not served by the national grid.


The Modern Energy Cooking Services Technology Research for International Development call (MECS -TRIID) was the first in-house initiative to enable the Modern Energy Cooking Services programme (and thus Department for International Development (DFID)) to fully fund early-stage research projects in support of innovative ideas or concepts that facilitate a transition to modern energy cooking services in countries supported by DFID.


The Electric Cooking Outreach (ECO) competition was the third Challenge Fund competition run by MECS. The call focuses on scaling up the outreach of electric cooking through community scale pilot studies and market assessments.

Global LEAP Awards

The Global LEAP awards are designed to identify and publicise the best-in-class energy-efficient appliances. It is an international competition to identify and promote the world’s best off-grid appliances, accelerating market development and innovation. Previous competitions have been held since 2013 and have included solar water pumps, solar refrigeration, and solar TVs

Energy For Access – Enabling Technologies Call

In much the same way that MECS was part of the first LEIA call, our collaboration with Efficiency for Access for R&D projects to develop enabling technologies or products for weak and off-grid areas enabled MECS to highlight cooking.