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Pioneered by the MECS programme in 2019, eCookbooks, or energy cookbooks, are a key resource in changing the narrative around electric cooking. Renewable energy generation is increasing access to affordable and reliable electricity and opening new windows of opportunity for cooks across the Global South. However, often people have very little idea how much electricity is needed to cook, let alone how much it actually costs compared to the other fuels available on the market.

Ecookbooks measure the energy, time and cost savings of cooking traditional dishes using energy efficient electric appliances. They package and present complex findings around energy and cooking in a digestible and accessible way so households, utility companies and policy-makers can make better informed decisions around fuels and appliances for cooking.

Many are also unaware of the broad range of modern energy-efficient cooking appliances that are now available and how compatible each one is with common dishes. eCookBooks seek to change this by exploring the relationship between energy use and cooking.

Find out more here: eCookbooks

Download the eCookbooks:

Bhutan eCookbook

Ghana eCookbook

India eCookbook

Kenya eCookbook

Myanmar eCookbook

Nepal eCookbook

Nigeria eCookbook

Tanzania eCookbook

Uganda eCookbook

Zambia eCookbook