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Energy For Access - Enabling Technologies Call.

Awardees received funding to support the implementation of their projects over a two-year period, with individual awards ranging from £50,000 to £295,000. The total value of this programme is just over £1 million.

The winning organisations include:

OrganisationProject titleCompletion date
BioLite Kenya  Developing a Hybrid AC/DC Electric Pressure Cooker with Residential and Productive Use Applications.  July 2022  
BURN Manufacturing Co.  Pilot of Electrical Safety Assessment Program and EPC with PAYG and Energy Monitoring in Tanzania.  Aug 2021 
Kachione, LLC  Efficient empowerment: How “Earn & Grow” creates solar electric cooking access for African women.  March 2022 
Okra Solar   Efficient AC Cooker Use and Adoption of DC Mesh Networks in CambodiaDec 2021 
Rural Electrification Authority  The Design Prototyping and Commercialisation of a Smart Ready Board for Rural Application.  Dec 2021  
Sunphase AS  New 24/7 Off-grid Solar Electric Cookstove with built-in energy storage for displaced persons.  May 2021 

Projects were all contracted by the end of Summer 2020 and have begun work.


All of the projects were required to adjust their work plans in light of the UKAid spending review. We acknowledge that all of the projects have merit as winners of the Challenge Fund and we are disappointed that some of them could not be completed.

We would encourage any interested parties to contact the care organisation to explore collaboration to assist in the delivery of these projects.