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eCooking training session led by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mumbai and JEEViKA in collaboration with Finovista in Bihar, India

22nd February 2024
electric cooking, Event

By Neh Satsangi, Finovista.

eCooking training sessions were organised in Gaya, Bihar, India by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mumbai and JEEViKA in collaboration with Finovista – in-country partner of the Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS) programme. The training sessions represented a significant step towards promoting clean cooking solutions in the region. The 5-day programme was designed to empower Clean Cooking Champions, S-Mart Owners, Field Officers, and JEEViKA officials with the knowledge and skills to promote sustainable and clean energy practices in the community. The training sessions provided a foundational understanding of electric cooking appliances, coupled with cooking demonstrations and an eCooking competition. Moreover, the training covered crucial aspects such as research, data collection, record-keeping, and concluded with a session on repair and maintenance.

MECS in India played a pivotal role throughout the programme, contributing expertise in eCooking device demonstrations and facilitating cooking demonstration. The training was conducted with the Self Help Groups (SHG) of Jwire and 5 blocks of Gaya, Bihar. Twenty-five women from those blocks participated in the training. The women were trained in eCooking using electric pressure cooker (EPC) and induction stove. The staple cuisine of Bihar-like Dal, Bhat (rice), Bhujia (savoury snack) were prepared on eCooking appliances to build an idea of cooking methodology and processes. An eCooking competition was also conducted between all five blocks.  This comprehensive approach ensured that the participants not only gain theoretical knowledge of eCooking but also acquire practical skills for successful implementation in their communities.


Featured image, top: eCooking training session (credit: Finovista).