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ENGIE & ATEC sign multi-country carbon credit agreement to implement digital methodology for metered cooking devices developed by MECS, Gold Standard, Climate Impact Partners and ATEC

27th March 2023

Our partner ATEC has signed a long-term, multi-country agreement with ENGIE’s business entity “Global Energy Management & Sales” (GEMS) for it to purchase up to 11.5 million tons of Gold Standard Digital MRV carbon credits from Bangladesh and Cambodia utilising ATEC’s patented IoT eCook devices. This is a landmark deal in the voluntary carbon market sector to implement the new digital metered methodology that MECS, Gold Standard, Climate Impact Partners (formerly Climate Care) and ATEC are pioneering which provides efficient, high-quality quantification of greenhouse gas emissions impact from metered clean cooking devices. The University of Berkeley recently rated the methodology as the most accurate of all cookstove methodologies.

Technology stack for ATEC eCook devices (image credit: ATEC).

Speaking about the prospect beyond this deal, Ben Jeffreys, ATEC CEO, states “With this technology stack, ATEC estimates $16bn per year can be directed into the hands of 800 million women in developing countries through decarbonising cooking.” Simon Batchelor, MECS Research Co-ordinator, comments “We congratulate our longstanding partner ATEC on this landmark deal, and we continue to collaborate with ATEC and key partners to ensure accurate metered methodologies are developed and implemented in the voluntary carbon market sector to contribute towards restoring market integrity for customers and to accelerating access to clean, affordable and reliable electric cooking for all”.


Featured image, top, credit: ATEC.