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Join in the discussion through the new MECS talk series, in partnership with Finovista, on transitioning to modern energy cooking services

3rd June 2021

A new Talk Series, led by the MECS programme through its in-country partner Finovista and other stakeholders, will focus on different topics relating to transitioning to modern energy cooking services. We are pleased to invite you to join the 1st Talk on Transitioning to Modern Energy in Cooking: Device Design and Innovation, to be held on 10th June, 11.30-12.30 BST. The topic for the first talk is “Device Design and Innovation”, which focuses on the various aspects of Design and Innovation in the new age cooking devices and the vital role they play in enabling the shift to clean cooking and also on efficiency, usability and consumer convenience.

The Talk Series aims to enable the transition to modern energy cooking services. The first of its kind, 12 modules for the Talk Series have been identified, focusing on key aspects of Cooking Devices Design & Innovation, Research & Pilot, Finance for Clean Cooking, Nutrition & Electric Cooking, Energy Cooking Access, Capacity Building, MECS Global Resources, Support for Indian Device Manufacturers, Institutional Cooking, Market Opportunities for Indian Device manufacturers and Global Market Access.