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MECS to participate in high-level side event on clean cooking at the SDG Action Weekend, New York

15th September 2023

Professor Ed Brown (MECS Research Director, Loughborough University) is a panellist in a clean cooking high-level side event on SDG Mobilization Day of the SDG Action Weekend, 16th-17th of September 2023. The side event, taking place on Sunday 17th at 13:30-15:00 Eastern Time, is titled: Opportunities & challenges for implementing a Global Roadmap for a just and inclusive cooking energy transition, organised by WHO/World Bank and UN Energy. 

This side event will focus on the importance of a just energy transition to ensure clean cooking for health and our climate. Various high-level speakers such as Ministers or heads of organizations will discuss potential solutions to tackle the lack of clean, sustainable household energy for cooking around the globe and the aim of protecting people’s health and our planet while achieving net zero cooking for all by 2050. Specific country examples will be highlighted, as well as practical experience in various regions and policy actions to decarbonize the cooking sectors and to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

After a high-level segment at the beginning of the session, a technical section will present the recently launched UN-Energy policy brief including a global roadmap on clean cooking which includes key milestone and priority actions for a just and inclusive transition in the cooking sector to reach net‐zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

After a short presentation, an interactive panel discussion will follow where participants will explore opportunities to adapt this global roadmap in a local context and how countries could develop their national-level roadmaps to protect the most vulnerable populations. Additionally, the discussion will focus on strategies for high-income countries to support those efforts while working to decarbonize their own cooking and heating sectors at the same time to align with the net-zero-emissions goal by 2050.

This session will be available to watch on UNTV here


Featured image credit: Centre for Research in Energy and Energy Conservation (CREEC), 2022.