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Practical Action Drives E-cooking Awareness with Roadshow and Miking in Bagerhat, Bangladesh

19th September 2023

By Shanaj Parvin Jonaki, Communication Officer, Practical Action in Bangladesh

Practical Action teamed up with leading e-cooking appliance producer, Walton, to host a vibrant Roadshow and Miking event in Bagerhat’s Municipality (Ward no 1-9) on August 23, 2023. The primary goal was to raise awareness about the benefits of e-cooking appliances.

Image credit: Soikot Edm, Photographer, Ettadi Movie.

Local representative Mr. Imran Hossain and Walton’s dedicated team joined the Roadshow Rally. The event was inaugurated by Mst. Tania Khatun, Councilor of Bagerhat Municipality, and Mr. Rafiqul Islam, Assistant Revenue Officer of Customs, Excise & Vat Division, who commended Practical Action for this initiative.

Approximately 1500-2000 residents participated, engaging in activities such as a spirited rally, distribution of e-cooking appliance leaflets, informative Miking, and showcasing TV commercials highlighting e-cooking advantages.

Image credit: Soikot Edm, Photographer, Ettadi Movie.

Practical Action actively discussed the pros and cons of various cooking methods, including traditional stoves, LPG stoves, rice cookers, and induction cookers. This event played a crucial role in educating the community and encouraging sustainable cooking practices.

Practical Action remains dedicated to promoting a greener and more efficient future.


Featured image, top, credit: Soikot Edm, Photographer, Ettadi Movie.

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