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Registration open - Electric Pressure Cookers tradeshow for last mile distributors

13th January 2023

Registration is open for the Electric Pressure Cookers remote tradeshow, to be held on 16 February 2023. This remote product tradeshow will explore commercially viable, high-performing electric pressure cookers (EPCs) currently on the market for last mile distributors and their customers.

Join this tradeshow to hear directly from EPC manufacturers about their products and their offering to distribution partners (e.g., co-branding options, marketing support, cost structure, after-sales services). This is also an opportunity for last mile distributors to provide feedback directly to manufacturers on needs and priorities when procuring such products.

The tradeshow is supported by UK aid, GET.invest and the IKEA Foundation, and is hosted by the Global Distributors Collective, Efficiency for Access, Clean Cooking Alliance, and Modern Energy Cooking Services.

Featured image, top: Centre for Research in Energy and Energy Conservation (CREEC), 2022.