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EarthSpark International

On- and Off- (micro) grid electric cooking: field data for integrated energy access in Haiti.

EarthSpark builds energy-related business models that expand opportunity for people living in hard-to-reach places. Their EforA project brings will undertake an early stage feasibility study of microgrid connected electric cooking technology in rural Haiti.

Leveraging EarthSpark’s field experience and microgrid operations in Haiti, their consortium will run a trial of electric cooking devices (induction cooktops and electric pressure cookers in 10 off-grid and 20 on-grid sites). Each cooking station will be paired with a low-cost, high-functionality smart meter which will generate detailed cooking consumption data. For the on-grid devices, EarthSpark will be assessing how novel time-based load limiting will ensure grid stability while offering large numbers of customers the opportunity to reliably use large cooking loads. On-grid devices will be powered by a complete off-grid PV+ storage cooking solution so that users may cook at any time of day convenient to them. This work was completed in December 2020 and the final report & appendices can be accessed below: