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Carbon finance and clean cooking resources

This section contains carbon financing and clean cooking related reports and documents published with support from various consultants and partners. It includes a series of reports produced by Climate Focus covering different aspects of the Voluntary Carbon Market.

I. Climate Focus Report Series 

1. The Role of Voluntary Carbon Markets in Clean Cooking 

This report provides a snapshot of the voluntary carbon market in relation to clean cooking projects. The report contains information on the current project pipeline and the finance reaching the industry, work going on for quality, potential impact of the Article 6 developments, and future prospects for clean cooking sector. 

2. Clean Cooking Carbon Markets: Overview of the Project Development Process

This briefing note provides a high-level overview of the carbon certification process for clean cooking projects.

3. Clean Cooking Carbon Markets: An Overview of Service Providers and Buyers

This briefing note is intended to support clean cooking ventures in their first steps towards accessing carbon finance.

4. Cost Benefit Model for Clean Cooking in the Carbon Markets 

This Excel-based cost benefit model is crucial in understanding the project feasibility under different scenarios based on the emission reduction potential per cookstove and their implementation rate. 

5. Making Carbon Finance work for Clean Cooking: How different Carbon Credit Transaction Structures influence access to Carbon Finance

This briefing note provides information on how to engage with different partners under different carbon credit transaction structures to gain from carbon finance. 

6. More than Just a Carbon Project: How Clean Cooking Projects certified under the Gold Standard approach SDG claims

This briefing note provides information on how clean cooking projects developed under the Gold Standard are proving their SDG claims. 

II. Reports by consultancy groups

1. A review of the standards, methodologies, technical needs and available resources related to digital monitoring, reporting and verification for modern cooking devices in the context of carbon finance

MECS commissioned consultancy group RE-Innovation to conduct a review on the technical needs and available resources related to the Gold Standard Methodology for Metered and Measured Energy Cooking Devices and similar standards. This report aims to provide project developers with an overview of the present ecosystem relating to digitisation for modern cooking devices, suggesting available resources, providing technical guidance, and highlighting future trends.