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Pay As You Cook (making electronic cooking assets affordable) in Kenya & Uganda.

M-KOPA is a finance platform set up to combine the power of digital micropayments with IoT (Internet-of-Things) connectivity to make financing more accessible. Solar was just the start and they have since built one of the world’s most advanced asset financing platforms. Their EForA project is exploring a potential solution that realises “advanced electric cooking” on a Pay As You Go basis for low-income customers in Africa and beyond.

The project will undertake research and early-stage development of an electric cooking solution, in respect to the feasibility of three key variables: the power requirement of the cooking device, the power output of the “solar” power device, and the ability and willingness of customers to pay.

This project will enable M-KOPA to examine outputs of all research undertaken to date, working with cutting-edge cooking solutions, adapting M-KOPA devices’ power outputs, and exploring pricing models.

This project is due to complete in July 2021.