MECS – ECO Challenge Fund

The Modern Energy Cooking Services Electric Cooking Outreach (MECS ECO) Challenge Fund enables MECS to fund research projects via two themes to facilitate the greater uptake and understanding of opportunities for the use of efficient electric cooking appliances.

Fund is now closed. Applicants will be informed of results by 28th February 2020.

Theme One: Community-Scale pilot studies to accelerate the uptake of efficient electric cooking appliances. 1-6 projects up to the value of £60,000, preference will be given to projects with matched funding. Projects will be for a duration of 12 months.

Theme Two: Market assessments to gather intelligence on the opportunities emerging in DfID priority countries for efficient electric cooking appliances. Preference will be given to projects with matched funding, ideally up to 30%, for a £20,000 project. Between 1-6 projects will be funded for a maximum duration of 6 months.

Whilst the overall MECS programme will focus on cooking with genuinely clean modern fuels – including gas (both LPG and Biogas), the main technology of focus for this challenge fund is Efficient Electric Cooking Appliances (particularly pressure cookers) and their acceptance to both users and to those managing loads and delivery of grid and off-grid electricity.

Please read all of the documents below before starting your application.

MECS ECO webinar recording 20th December 2019

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MECS-ECO Grant Specification Document

MECS-ECO Guidance Document

MECS-ECO Background Research – a review of current thinking


MECS-ECO Grant Application Form

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MECS-ECO Grant Disbursement Agreement

UKAid Accountable Grant Agreement

MECS-ECO Statement of Grant Usage Form

Additional questions raised during the webinars

MECS Due Diligence Questionnaire – this will be posted shortly but is for reference only