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MECS-ECO Cooking Diaries webinars

Cooking Diaries Methodology

The Cooking Diaries methodology focuses on ‘how’ a cook cooks in their own home, and whether, when they transition to a different fuel or appliance, their cooking practices change. The methodology also seeks to match the recording of ‘how’ people cook with quantitative measurements of energy consumption.

These areas are critical to understanding cooking culture and behaviour and are not captured by previous cookstove tests such as the Water Boiling Test, Controlled Cooking Test and the Kitchen Performance Test.

ECO Cooking Diaries Webinars

The series of four webinars was based on the MECS Cooking Diaries 3.0 Protocols and guides viewers through the different stages of carrying out a Cooking Diaries study. Links to the webinar recordings can be found below:

Opportunity: Women in Modern Energy Cooking (WMEC) initiative launched