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eCooking appliances roadshow held in Khulna, Bangladesh, to raise awareness of clean cooking solutions

8th June 2023

By Mehrab Ul Goni, Manager, Advocacy & Partnership, Thematic Leadership, Practical Action in Bangladesh.

To raise awareness about clean cooking appliances in Bangladesh, Practical Action in Bangladesh has initiated a roadshow in the city of Khulna as part of our project called “Behavior Change Campaign on E-Cooking Appliances Project.” On 1 June 2023, in collaboration with WALTON and ATEC, prominent private electric cooking appliance manufacturers, we held the inauguration of the roadshow. This partnership marks an important step in promoting clean cooking practices and raising awareness about sustainable cooking solutions. In addition to partnering with private companies, Practical Action in Bangladesh is collaborating with Local Government Institutions (LGIs), social leaders, and volunteers. Their involvement adds valuable support and resources to the roadshow initiative.

Image credit: Jahangir Alam, Practical Action in Bangladesh.

The primary objective of the roadshow is to educate and engage people about the advantages and utilisation of environmentally friendly cooking appliances known as MECA (Modern Energy Cooking Appliances). Additionally, the roadshow aims to raise awareness about the disadvantages of traditional cook stoves and the issue of indoor air pollution. Moreover, it provides valuable information to the public on considering safety aspects when purchasing electric cookers.


Featured image credits, top: Mehrab Ul Goni, Practical Action in Bangladesh.

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