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Exhibition on modern energy cooking technologies at the Modern Energy Cooking Forum 2023

24th November 2023

By Neh Satsangi (Finovista).

At the Modern Energy Cooking Forum 2023, a total of eleven enterprises participated and displayed their devices in the exhibition.  Renewable Energy Private Limited showcased their induction cooker, which could operate on both solar power and grid power, supported by MMPT technology. TTK Prestige presented a range of induction devices with up to 3200W power, including one with dual-mode functionality, working on both induction and cooking gas. Prestige also introduced their innovative “Cookcentre,” featuring multi-capabilities such as a sauté pan, slow cooker, rice maker, pressure cooker, steamer, food warmer, and yogurt maker. IOCL’s Indoor Solar Cooking System, popularly known as “Surya Nutan,” was another star attraction at the exhibition. Burn Manufacturing also showcased their versatile induction cooker, which has been launched in Africa. Other innovative manufacturers like Aufla, who was a Global Leap award winner, displayed its electric pressure cooker with a customisable menu option. Real Flame also showcased their IoT based induction cook stove. In addition to solar and induction-based cooking devices, some manufacturers like Inclusive Energy displayed biogas and solar meters. Simi Stove showcased its cooking solutions based on ethanol as an alternative fuel. The exhibition not only attracted the attention of numerous visitors but also demonstrated how innovation could transform the way we cook and consume energy.


Featured image, top: Exhibitors at the Modern Energy Cooking Forum 2023 (image credit: Finovista).