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Introducing Global Electric Cooking Coalition (GeCCo)

5th September 2023
Coalition, Opportunities
The Global Electric Cooking Coalition

As the African Climate Summit (ACS) in Nairobi approaches, the words of His Excellency President Ruto of Kenya set the tone for global collaboration: ‘Climate action is not a Global North issue or a Global South issue. It is our collective challenge, and it affects all of us. We need to come together to find common, global solutions.’ The introduction of a new coalition will take place during African Climate Week at an Action Hub event on Wednesday 6th September. This coalition is comprised of a working group of experts coming together with the aim of reducing carbon outputs generated by traditional cooking methods. These cooking methods release an estimated gigaton of CO2 annually – as much as the global aviation industry – and account for around 2% of global CO2 emissions.

Image Credit: ESMAP 2020

The Global Electric Cooking Coalition (GeCCo) is a collaboration of eCooking advocates seeking to significantly scale up access to electric cooking solutions across the world, reducing the environmental impact of cooking and improving the quality of life for millions of people. GeCCo’s initial target is to enable a mass transition to eCooking solutions in at least 10 countries in SSA, Asia, & LAC by 2030 for a significant (>10%) proportion of households and institutions. The coalition will work with other existing global and national initiatives and provide guidance, leadership, integration, knowledge and funding to achieve this target.

GeCCo is supported by anchor partners Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP), Energising Development (EnDev), Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) and Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS). There is a wider membership of partners whose contributions facilitate local initiatives, remove barriers and support an enabling environment for GeCCo to successfully reach their objectives. After its introduction at the Africa Climate Week, GeCCo will be formally launched at COP28.

GeCCo Anchor Partners

Further information regarding project streams, ongoing activities and details of coalition membership can be found at the below:

Featured Graphic: The Global Electric Cooking Coalition Logo.

Opportunity: Women in Modern Energy Cooking (WMEC) initiative launched