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Modern Energy Cooking Services in Tanzania: eCookbooks, eCooking demos and government lobbying

25th March 2020

Written by TaTEDO (Tanzania Traditional Energy Development Organization, MECS Southern Partner), about their activities in February and March 2020. Find out more about related eCooking research so far in this summary, with working papers and reports available on the MECS website here.

Coming soon! The first Tanzania eCook Book (English Version) has reached the final draft stage. Thanks to Dr. Anna Clements, Jacob Fodio Todd and MECS team at Loughborough for the constructive inputs to improve the book. The book was submitted to MECS for comments and thereafter publication approval.  The translation for the Swahili Version is in progress.

Top and Back covers of the first Tanzania eCook Book.

TaTEDO participated as invited guests to Energy Development Partners (E-DPs) meeting which was co-organized by UNDP and JICA in Dar es Salaam. The meeting was held on 13th February 2020 and the current eCook initiatives under the support of MECS were presented. Positive and supportive compliments for these initiatives were provided by development partners whereby they called for more efforts in awareness creation to ensure the majority of the population switch from traditional to clean cooking solutions.

Presentation of TaTEDO works including eCook initiatives to E-DPs in Dar es Salaam.

A total of 120 EPC electric pressure cookers were supplied to different clients in mid-February to early March 2020 including 97 pieces to A2EI for their mini-grid projects around the Lake Zone Areas.

Awareness raising events were organized and carried out:

  • Live demonstrations were conducted to staff at the headquarters of the largest Bank in Tanzania, National Microfinance Bank (NMB). Financing institutions have a vital role in supporting the actors along the EPC market chain (suppliers, distributors).
  • Demonstrations were given at TaTEDO offices to visitors (organizations and companies) from Rwanda who came to learn and share experience on renewable energies and clean cooking solutions. It created awareness and stimulated immediate demand which will lead to agreements of supplying EPCs.

Relevant Government Ministries and different Departments were visited for meetings and discussions on EPCs in Dodoma.  These included the Ministry of Energy, President Office –Regional Administration and Local Government Authorities (PRO RALG), Rural Energy Agency (REA), and Energy and Water Utilization Regulatory Authorities (EWURA). The focus of the discussions was on how the government can create and provide an enabling environment through supportive policies that will facilitate increased dissemination of EPCs.

A meeting with Officers from the President Office (PRO-RALG) in Dodoma.

Opportunity: Women in Modern Energy Cooking (WMEC) initiative launched