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New report launched by the Sustainable Markets Initiative: 'Putting Customers at the Heart of the Energy Transition'

21st June 2022

At the invitation of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales through the Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI), leaders from a number of the largest and most influential energy companies have come together to form an Energy Transition Task Force (ETTF) as part of the SMI, to drive progress as a group and accelerate the transition to a resilient, prosperous, low carbon, and sustainable energy future – guided by the relevant aims of the UN SDGs and the Terra Carta.

The Energy Transition Task Force’s recent report highlights the importance of putting customers at the heart of the sustainable energy transition. The report highlights the significant impact that large businesses can have through their energy purchasing, through the support they provide to their supply chain to decarbonise and through their wider influence. It looks at how energy companies can make it easier for customers to do things that benefit the whole energy system. It also touches on how the finance sector has a role to play in providing funding at different scales and with different risk profiles to meet the needs of customers large and small across the globe.

The report features a case study (page 20) of MECS programme activities in scaling the integration of modern energy cooking services into the planning for electricity access, where Prof. Matthew Leach (Gamos Ltd.; University of Surrey) shares recommendations of how energy companies can put customers at the heart of the transition to modern and affordable energy services.

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