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Okra Solar and Konexa launch project to energise 140 households in North-Western Nigeria

1st April 2022

Okra Solar and Konexa, a leader in the development of renewable assets across Sub-Saharan Africa, have launched a project to energize 140 households, in North-Western Nigeria.

Okra Solar’s vision to provide clean and reliable energy access to people still living off the grid is highlighted with this pilot study in Nigeria. Having just completed their MECS funded project in Cambodia in rural areas, the innovative technology is now scaling for impact.  With 43% of Nigeria’s population living without access to energy – Nigeria has the largest energy deficit in the world, projects like this are essential for reaching Sustainable Development Goal 7. 

Okra Solar has recently completed one of the MECS Challenge Funded projects to explore the uptake of electric cooking appliances for mesh-grid users in Cambodia. The partnership with MECS has enabled Okra to track and document their impact at a household level and implement learning in other countries.

We’re excited to see this project grow! 


Image, top: A village in Kaduna, Nigeria, that the project is working in. 100 households in the village were provided with solar energy access by the project (image credit: Okra Solar, 2022).

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