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Ethiopia; Cooking transitions. An analysis of Multi-Tier Framework Data for insights into transitions to modern energy cooking

1st April 2020
eCookEthiopiaModellingPolicyApril 2020

Ethiopia – Beyond Connections” (Padam et al 2018), presents a diagnostic by our partners ESMAP World Bank of the multi-tier framework data from Ethiopia.  The multi-tier framework is an approach to understand the nuances of energy use both for electricity and clean cooking, and to work towards a greater degree of understanding than existing national data sets can reach. Ethiopia was one of the first to undertake the survey, and the data set and the report were intended to set a new standard in data collection. In this working paper we explore the data for linkages between groups of households and across the electricity, clean cooking divide exploring for insights on transitions to modern energy cooking. Our particular interest lies in the use of electricity for cooking, and Ethiopia is an outlier in Sub Saharan Africa in that it has a significant proportion of its urban population using electricity for cooking. In particular we relate the cooking fuel demographics to household use of electricity, what influences household electric cooking choices and summarise some key learning points on ‘transition’.