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Recording of the Webinar ‘Recipe for Success’

20th October 2023

Recording of the Webinar Recipe for Success’ which was held on 19 Oct at 13.00-14.15 BST, is now available and can be accessed here:

The webinar was kicked off by Ed Brown, MECS Research Director, introducing the speakers from Acumen and GET.invest. Ed talked about Acumen’s experience of patient equity investments in the Clean Cooking sector; part of this experience was derived from a number of pilot grants that were funded by UKAid through MECS Programme in collaboration with Acumen. Ed explained: “Acumen is one of the most prominent and successful impact investors and it’s really striking that clean cooking has been one of their most profitable investments, which is the result of the work that MECS Programme has done with them“.

During the webinar Daniel Waldron, Head of Insights at Acumen discussed the challenges that are faced by cooking companies in attracting the right type of funding, while also highlighting the opportunities that are available for investment in this area.

Daphne Pit, Africa Coordinator at GET.invest Finance Catalyst, described some of the requirements that funders may have in making investments, as well as their advisory support available. “GET.invest Finance Catalyst has a lot of practical experience with advising small energy groups on their fundraising, they are particularly well placed to discuss the difficulties that are faced by companies in meeting investor requirements and in accessing patient capital” Ed Brown said.

The presentations were followed by a panel discussion including colleagues from the African Development Bank, ATEC, BURN Manufacturing, and PowerUp, to explore opportunities to promote the availability of capital with a particular focus on patient equity. You can watch the full recording here:

Featured Image Credit: Copyright of Acumen, 2023.

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