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Request for quotations: strength of the gains in electrical infrastructure - Africa and Asia

9th September 2022

MECS has been building evidence as to the affordability, useability, and technological readiness of highly energy efficient electric cooking appliances for the global transition to clean (in environmental and health terms) cooking. As part of this we have noted the opportunities that there may be to draw upon existing expenditure on the enhancement of electricity access and the improvement of electricity production and distribution systems to finance the spread of electric cooking.

As the conclusion to our recent clean cooking financial landscape argued, we need to “promote efforts to link clean cooking with wider energy programmes of large MDBs and other DFIs and connect these efforts with the development of integrated energy plans of national governments” and “leverage the largescale investment in electrification to promote clean cooking and undertake more research on financing options associated with this approach.”

As part of this effort, we are seeking a consultant/s to conduct a wide-ranging review of the current dynamics and future direction of the financing of electricity production and distribution and its implications for the viability of significant acceleration in the utilization of electricity for cooking across Africa and Asia over the coming 10 years.

The geographic scope of the consultancy should focus on low- and middle-income countries, but we note that India and Indonesia both have significant development over the last 10 years and now have future plans for eCooking – they should therefore be included. Lessons learned from South America and the MENA region can be cited in the discussion.

Quotations should be received no later than 23:59 GMT on Friday 7th October 2022.  

The full RFQ is available here: 


Photo by Bruchin Noeka on Unsplash.