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Request for quotations to accelerate the electrification of cooking in Kenya: Capacity Building & Market Development Programme

25th October 2022

This is an exciting opportunity for Kenyan organisations to work with The Loughborough Centre for Sustainable Transitions: Energy, Environment and Resilience (STEER) on a project with Kenya Power to accelerate the electrification of cooking in Kenya. This work will contribute to the development of the Ministry of Energy’s National eCooking Strategy, that feeds into the Kenyan National Clean Cooking Strategy (KNCCS) which will set out a roadmap for achieving the ambitious aim of universal access to clean cooking by 2028.

Working closely with Kenya Power, the Capacity Building & Market Development Programme (eCAP) will deliver a number of projects to explore different opportunities to develop the supply chain for eCooking appliances, raise awareness amongst consumers and/or to strengthen the enabling environment for eCooking across Kenya. The key findings from the eCAP projects will be synthesised to inform Kenya Power decision making on where the key opportunities for scaling up eCooking in Kenya lie, which will be presented to the board of directors in an executive briefing.  The key findings will also be shared in consultative fora with the Ministry of Energy and other key stakeholders in Kenya’s emerging eCooking sector.

STEER is looking for a number of organisations to undertake these projects on behalf of Kenya Power over a six month period, starting from January 2023. The project list is as follows:

We encourage applications to more than one ToR, especially where there are potential synergies between projects. Organisations responding to multiple ToRs need to submit separate applications for each project, but are encouraged to indicate where interconnections between the projects could occur (and the benefits of doing so), should they be successful in both applications. However, please be mindful that we will consider your ability to deliver more than one project at a time so staffing should be considered. Quotations should be sent to by 23:59 GMT on Thursday 17th November 2022.

For more information, please see the individual ToRs. 

Image credit: African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS)

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