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Stakeholder Consultation Meeting on Higher Tier Clean Cooking in Bangladesh

27th June 2023

By Shanaj Parvin Jonaki, Communications Officer, Practical Action in Bangladesh.

Dhaka, June 20th, 2023 – A ground-breaking meeting was held in Bangladesh to discuss Higher Tier Clean Cooking (HTCC) options, and it was a tremendous success. The meeting took place at the Practical Action Dhaka Office and was organized as part of the Strengthening Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (SEE) – HTCC Project, funded by RVO Netherlands.

Image credit: Shanaj Parvin Jonaki, Practical Action in Bangladesh.

The meeting brought together a diverse group of participants, including private companies, policymakers, civil society organizations, and development partners. Representatives from the Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA), Power Division, Ministry of Power Energy and Mineral Resources, Bangladesh, were also present and provided valuable inspiration. With over 40 attendees, the event benefited greatly from the collective expertise and active engagement of these stakeholders, leading to insightful discussions.

The main focus of the meeting was to address the current status, best practices, challenges, and prospects of electric cooking in Bangladesh. Participants discussed strategies to reach remote communities with innovative solutions, foster effective collaborations, ensure high-quality standards, and make cooking appliances more affordable. These steps are essential in promoting the adoption of cleaner and more advanced cooking options across the country.

The success of the Stakeholder Consultation Meeting on Higher Tier Clean Cooking signifies a crucial milestone in Bangladesh’s journey towards sustainable and environmentally friendly cooking practices. With stakeholders from different sectors joining forces, the prospects for a brighter future in clean cooking for the country are promising.


Featured image credit: Shanaj Parvin Jonaki, Practical Action in Bangladesh.

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