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Jaqi Lee

Jaqi Lee

Lead for environmental assessment, Consultant to Gamos Ltd.

Jaqi founded and runs S2A Associates, a successful consultancy in Sustainable Systems Analysis, supporting business, delivering training in key skills to deliver sustainability, and strategic guidance for organisations embarking on the transition to sustainable business practice. She contributes to the MECS programme via Gamos and leads the work on the environmental and social impact of the transition to clean cooking. She has been involved in sustainability assessment in various guises since 1992 and has worked collaboratively with a number of industrial sectors including construction, transport, agriculture and electronics, addressing diverse issues such as sustainable supply chain management, product service system development, and how to embed sustainable design into long life products. She works closely with both industry and academia, integrating knowledge and expertise from both to ensure the latest academic thinking and practice remains relevant to the practicalities of industrial applications. She holds a MEng in Mechanical/Materials Engineering from Queen Mary and Westfield College, London and a PhD in Environmental Systems Analysis from Cranfield University (1996).

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