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Terms of reference for review study on the role of hydrogen transitions in cooking

1st August 2022

MECS is focused on the possibilities of changing the current widespread use of polluting fuels for cooking in Africa and Asia, to transition to modern energy based clean cooking.  Clean for us means low kitchen emissions, safe for the user and their family, and low environmental impact.   

From a user point of view, modern energy-based cooking includes the lower levels of kitchen emissions associated with higher tier solutions such as electricity, biogas, ethanol, briquettes, and even LPG.   From a global point of view, Greenhouse gas emissions from the combustion of woodfuels for cooking is said account for 2% of global emissions, equivalent to those from the international aviation sector. However, 50% of black carbon emissions come from household woodfuel use and 27-34% of global woodfuel harvesting is defined as unsustainable. Over the last couple of years there has been a considerable expansion of interest in the role of hydrogen within the transition to a low carbon future.  

To date there has been no comprehensive analysis of the technical feasibility of large-scale adoption of hydrogen for cooking (particularly green hydrogen), the availability of hydrogen-based appliances and their useability or the likely affordability of different approaches to the use of hydrogen for cooking. 

MECS is seeking a consultant/s to conduct a review of the current and future potential of using hydrogen as a cooking fuel.    

Proposals should be received no later than 23:59 BST on Tuesday 23rd August 2022.  

The full ToRs are available here: 

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