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DC conversion kit for cooking appliances, Oxford Product Design

2nd August 2021

By Dr Simon Batchelor, Gamos Ltd.

MECS has been investigating pressure cooking using renewable energy, such as solar. Pressure cooking is one of the most energy efficient ways of cooking and has the potential to be utilised in areas and communities that do not have access to reliable power. This working paper was produced mainly by Oxford Product Design. OPD were commissioned on to investigate the possibility of making a ‘DC conversion Kit’ for AC electric pressure cookers. Working alongside Gamos, OPD undertook a Phase 0 investigation of the constraints of commercial EPCs, and what this might mean for designing such a DC conversion kit.

The working paper shows their speculation and their online investigations. Drawing on their professional design backgrounds, they conclude by proposing to add heater cartridges to the base of any EPC.   They illustrate how this could be applied to an Amazon Basic EPC (UK available), but stop short of actually undertaking the modification and testing the performance.

The Phase 0 report was intended for discussion with the client (MECS through Gamos) and was not originally intended for publication (although all work within MECS is open source). The information contained could potentially prove useful for partners and collaborators and we now wish to place it on our website for wider use. (June 2021). It is presented as a working paper for comment.


Featured image: Jon Leary (MECS).

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