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MECS – ECO Challenge Fund

The Call

The Electric Cooking Outreach (ECO) challenge fund focuses on the distribution, wider use, and monitoring of efficient electric cooking appliances along with the broader market opportunities for electric cooking. There are two themes under this call:

  • Theme 1 – Community-scale pilot studies. Focus on monitoring whether efficient electric cooking appliances fit the cooking cultures and electricity supply in different communities.
  • Theme 2 – Markets assessments. Focus on the market opportunities for efficient electric cooking appliances in FCDO priority countries.

Together, the two themes can provide a vital evidence base to inform policymakers and other key actors of the opportunities to scale up electric cooking.

Awardees and Locations

MECS awarded funding to 14 projects in 9 countries under the ECO call.

  • Theme 1 awardees: BURN Manufacturing, GERES, iDE, IRADe, Kisambara, Neseltec Ltd, PEEDA, Pereybere Energy Ltd, Power Corner, Practical Action Consulting, SESCOM, University of Southampton & Winrock.
  • Theme 2 awardee: Practical Action.

Covid has had a considerable impact on the delivery of many of these projects and original completion dates have been amended. The majority will complete by March 2022, with the final project report due by August 2022. Find out more about the project awardees and project locations here.


Due to the spending review and amends to UKAid, some of the above projects were unable to be completed.

ECO Cooking Diaries Webinars

To assist the ECO projects, four webinars were held to highlight the ‘Cooking Diaries’ data collection method. These can be found here.