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Gold Standard announces public consultation for a new MECS-ClimateCare developed methodology for electrical and metered cooking appliances

14th May 2021

A new approach to quantify emissions reductions from metered cooking devices, developed through a partnership between ClimateCare and MECS, has undergone the first step of the 3-step approval process by Gold Standard. This new methodology forms part of the  Technologies and Practices to Displace Decentralized Thermal Energy Consumption’s (TPDDTEC) methodology with the objective to reduce monitoring requirements and transaction costs for project developers, whilst maintaining the highest level of rigour associated with Gold Standard. The updates are being applied in a three-step process and reflect the latest developments/advancements made in the relevant sectors. Read more about the methodology approval process on the Gold Standard website. Full details of the draft new methodology developed by MECS and ClimateCare for quantifying emissions reductions from metered cooking devices can be accessed here.

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