Jon Leary

Solar eRecipes – establishing the minimum viable product for solar electric cooking

19th March 20, Post, Posted by

by Jon Leary, Agnes Kalyonge, Monica Kalyonge, Hannah Blair, Sam Grant and Max Garnick. These solar eRecipes are designed to…

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MECS East Africa Launch

18th October 19, Post, Posted by

by Mourine Chepkemoi, Jon Leary, Victoria Chengo, Jacob Fodio Todd & Karen Chepkurui On 14th -15th May 2019, Modern Energy…

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Electric Pressure Cookers (EPCs) in Kenya: a huge untapped opportunity

01st September 19, Post, Posted by

by Jon Leary, Agnes Kalyonge & Monica Kalyonge The future looks bright for electric cooking in Kenya, with Jikoni Magic,…

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