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New webinar series: Solutions for Businesses Delivering Modern Energy Cooking

14th June 2021

The MECS programme is leading a shift across much of the developing world from cooking with biomass to cooking with electricity or gas. This is unlocking new business models and subsidies that will make electric cooking devices affordable in these countries. MECS is organising a series of webinars focused on the approaches adopted by businesses to offer modern energy cooking services or products within developing world contexts.

Webinar 2: Consumer Finance models to enable access to clean cooking appliances

The second webinar took place on 6 July 2021 at 13.00 to 14.30 BST

The second webinar focused on different approaches to overcoming the barrier of high upfront costs for consumers accessing cooking equipment. It included presentations by Energy 4 Impact, BURN Manufacturing, MicroEnergy Credits, and closing remarks by Dr. Joanes Atela and Tom Rwanda from the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS).

This event also formed part of the ACTS (MECS in-country partner for Kenya) monthly eCooking Dialogues, which aim to create a platform for discussion, capacity building & showcasing research findings.

Introductory remarks:  Dr Nick Rousseau, International Liaison Manager, MECS, Loughborough University and Dr Joanes Atela, ACTS Project Lead.

Panel presentations:

  • Peter Weston, Director of Programmes, Energy 4 Impact. Access the presentation here.
  • Peter Scott, CEO, BURN. Access the presentation here.
  • Katherine Owens, Head of Labs, M-KOPA. Access the presentation here.

Q&A moderated by Dr Nick Rousseau

Final comments: Dr Joanes Atela and Tom Rwanda, ACTS. Access the presentation here.

Watch the recording of Webinar 2.

Webinar 1: Promoting Modern Energy Cooking to consumers

The first webinar took place on 22 June 2021, at 13.00 to 14.30 BST

Modern energy cooking brings along many benefits for consumers, however getting people to invest in a new device and change how they cook is not going to be easy. This first webinar focused on the marketing messages and approaches that experience has shown are most successful to attract different consumers and markets to modern energy cooking appliances. If we don’t get these right, adoption will always remain low, however good the product or service.


  1. Introductory remarks: Dr Jon Leary, Associate Researcher, MECS, Loughborough University
  2. Panellist presentations:
  3. Plenary discussion & closing remarks
Watch the recording of webinar 1.

Subsequent webinars are being planned from September onward.

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Opportunity: Women in Modern Energy Cooking (WMEC) initiative launched