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MECS Programme Workshop 2023

12th July 2023

By Dr. Louise Medland, MECS Programme Manager.

From 19th – 21st June MECS held a programme workshop in Loughborough, giving us a chance to step away from our laptops and inboxes to instead focus on where we’ve got to in year five of the programme and to share lessons learned from across different workstreams.

The following is a very brief re-cap of the sessions and links to presentations delivered.

Country presentations:

India: Covering India’s transition to clean cooking energy and highlighting some of the key activities and programmes that are currently taking place in India.

Kenya: Telling ‘Kenya’s story of change’ on the transition to electric cooking from 2016 through to now.

Nepal: Distilling the lessons from the recent MECS country workshop and updating progress on the Nepal jigsaw, with a timeline from 2016 to now.

Uganda: Working through the 3 elements of the Uganda jigsaw – enabling environment, supply chain, and consumer awareness.


Cooking with different fuels – energy and costs: Giving a brief summary of the key findings from the working paper: Comparing energy consumption and costs – from cooking across the MECS programme.

All electric cooking: A short presentation running through some of the key findings from the all electric studies – completed between November and April 2023.

End of life studies: Providing an introduction to life cycle thinking and burden transfer along with a summary of initial findings from End-of-Life country reports

Carbon finance: Providing a background to carbon credits and the voluntary carbon market, an overview of the new metered methodology, and an overview of the implications of Article 6.

Challenge funds: Providing an overview of the MECS challenge funds from 2019 to now.

Gender: Covering the challenges and opportunities of ensuring gender equality as part of the just transition to modern energy.

Alternative fuels: Giving a snapshot overview of the potential of hydrogen, bioLPG and bioethanol as cooking fuels. 

Working with suppliers: Running through the key points to consider when establishing relationships with suppliers.


Featured image credit: Centre for Research in Energy and Energy Conservation (CREEC), 2022.

Opportunity: Women in Modern Energy Cooking (WMEC) initiative launched